Saturday, November 23, 2013

widgets breaking

Soooo obviously blogspot is having some problems. I should look at the code (what it'll let me) now that I've learned a few things but I really don't want to. Let's wait and see what else breaks first. 


  1. I tried to put a table up in Wordpress and it ate it. Seriously considering ripping out Wordpress and doing everything manually, but to do so would be to court madness.

    Anything I can help with?

  2. Well, I have a couple of wishlist bugs (why did my "Archive" spontaneously spawn extra arrows?) but, honestly? I want to build a more ambitious solution. Not that I have the knowledge to implement it yet.

    Is Wordpress just hassling you with minor failures, or are there big design changes you'd like to see? I must know, for reasons.

  3. It's weird stuff, like not having a spam filter, when I put a table into my blog, it just goes "that didn't work. No, I won't elucidate," there isn't a font option in the blog editor. It's mostly little things, but it adds up to every experience with it being a bit frustrating.