Sunday, October 6, 2019

JumpShip Class Numbers for 3025

The best candidate I've found is a simple geometric sequence where each class has 27/50ths as many ships as the previous class.

Qty- Class
920 - Invader (32% are commercial)
497 - Merchant
268 - Scout
145 - Star Lord
78 - Monolith
42 - ??
23 - ??
12 - ?Explorer? (HM:FWL, p127, 152) 
7- luxury liners (HD:FS, p173)
4- ??
2- ??
1- ??
etc - various
The top five ships add up to 1908. That's how many stars the old 3025 map shows in the Successor States. 

MW1e claims there are 450 "actively settled" worlds, and the House Atlases describe 156 as highly populated, leaving 294 others. There are 294 Invaders in commercial use.

145 worlds have more than a billion people. That's one world for every Star Lord.

The Successor States have 268 Scout vessels for 270 regiments' worth of House 'Mechs. Could be why there's a Suns regiment and a Capellan regiment which replace all their 'Mechs with tanks.

I've been using this sequence for a while as a fast approximation (it's easier than looking up my old MW1e estimates). Wouldn't have considered it seriously if not for conversations with Frabby and a Simulated Knave.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Below Thirty Meters in BattleTech

It's a pity that infantry, battle armor, protomechs and support vehicles don't have a common way to figure engines, control weights and so on. Covering the same small design space four different times seems like a bigger hassle than patching 'Mech and vehicle construction to cover dinoriders, rocketeers, exoskeleton squads, individual missiles and the shopping carts from the Ironhold Safeway.

I mention shopping carts because the cargo and trailer rules aren't great either. Improving them would probably negate the need for "trains" to be constructed as a separate unit type.

Can't fault the writers for having fun devising new systems, nor the fans for having fun exploring and testing them; but... look, the point of "support vehicles" is to have archaic tanks for 'Mechs to shoot at and soft civilian vehicles for RPG characters to shoot at, and... isn't that handled by making armor less effective per ton? Are separate "penetration" and "BAR" values really needed, or can that be handled with range, damage and armor factor?

A Note on Scale and Realism

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Is "The Last Jedi" worth talking about?

I don't mind if Luke plays the part of a whiny farm boy while he sounds Rey out, and I enjoy the meta-ness of having a little green troll burn the Star Wars canon while the old guard watches in anguish; but Yoda's lesson is hollow. In the theater it felt to me like an Ewok moment aimed at the youngest attendees. 

Lessons in Being Alive
Enemies homing in on a beacon you (needlessly?) lit for a lost friend, headstrong underlings haring off on their own, and under-informed lieutenants instigating a mutiny are all pretty standard story wrinkles. 

Trying to fit a whole story into the span of a single chase is unusual. It's also out of character for a Star Wars story to care about logistics like food or ammo or fuel; when the scenario was discussed on ye olde BattleTech forums (back around Revenge of the Sith, maybe) someone proposed instead that the rebel ships could be burning their engines out to stay ahead of more capable Imperial ships.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Shopping Quests & Towns

Because my high school group cycled GMs session to session, we usually had several people comfortable with costing items and with running NPCs; so multiple characters could be run simultaneously through minor pre-game activities, like shopping; and it was our custom that when a PC went into a shop, they could ask the shopkeep if they had anything interesting, and whoever was running the NPC would try to come up with something new.

I got two books from a discount bin - As Seen On TV by Lou Harry & Sam Stall (2002), and 283 Useful Ideas from Japan by Leonard Koren (1988) - and if I don't use them for random town stuff I'll never use them for anything.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

3025 production of generic lights and heavies

My current worksheet (sorry about the mess). Solved light 'Mechs, am close to solving generic heavies, and am close to figuring out Stalkers and Banshees. Explanations below the cut.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019


This past spring I pruned a couple thousand dead or outdated bookmarks from my BattleTech folder. More to go; not yet halfway.  Not to worry! Still working on 3025 production numbers. Light 'Mechs are solved, heavy and assault are trickier. More on that in a week or two.
[Edit, Aug 1: checking my other folders for webrot and it looks like some haven't been cleaned in over a decade. Did you know Real Ultimate Power is still up?! /Edit]
My natural pace is to blog about three times per month. I'd rather post twice a week - BattleTech on Sundays and fantasy RPGs on Thursdays - but every time I try, I end up posting less. Que sera sera.

Would like to rebuild my "archive" widget so it shows more posts at a time. Should probably also shuffle my "labels" a bit, I'm sure some of them are redundant. Today is just housekeeping though - chopping links I don't use from the sidebars (and stashing them below the cut so I can find them again if I need to).


Sunday, July 7, 2019

I wanted to write today

Them: "We've been invited to dinner. Want to go? It's about an hour's drive."
Me: "Uh, sure."
Them: "Okay, we'll go as soon as I've showered."
Me: "...but it's not even 1pm yet."
Them: "Three o'clock is a completely sensible time to eat dinner."
Me: "I don't think that adds up, and I don't think that's what the invitation is."
Me: "Is this sunscreen? Why are we putting on sunscreen?" hours of wandering shop to shop in a tourist trap later...
Them: "Isn't this fun? Aren't all of these things SO NEAT?"
Me, internally: "I don't care about any of these things and you know I don't enjoy this."
Me, externally: "The river is nice, and the crust on that meat pie was excellent."
Them: "Glad you came! It's fun to hang out on vacation."
Me: "...we've visited a bunch this month, the last no more than a week ago."
Them: "Yes, but this time I'm on vacation! I'm not thinking about work or whatever responsible things I should be doing with my day."
Me: thinks about responsible things I had planned to do with my day
Me: twitches