Monday, May 29, 2017

Second Rat Quest: Mickey Rat's Magical Kingdom

TL;DR? We go to Disney Land, and decide killing Micky Mouse and The Beast is too much trouble. Edit: Or maybe our memories were edited. /Edit

We began in media res with each character having separately pursued petty villains into situations resembling logic puzzles. This was DM'd by Skrac's (the plague alchemist's) player, the same guy who gave us riddles last time.
  • Ch'Dar the Dragoon (replacement for Teddy the Bard) was dancing at a village festival when something happened with his pack being stolen and a damsel was calling for help. He ended up trapped in a cell with a cylinder bubbling with amnesiac gas (which made him forget everything whenever he got too close), a candle, an amnesiac damsel, and a straw bed. 
  • Osbald the Hairless Fighter had to fill the missing number in the series 16, 06, 68, 88, __, 98. I forget why. He might've been in a crypt with a lock.
  • Barnabosa (my sorceror) had his sword stolen, and tracked the thief to a stretch of river with three towns. I could ask the river god a number of yes/no questions to determine which town the thief was in, but one of my NPC companions had comically wasted the questions until I had only one left. 
  • Nichodemus, Wizardly Patriarch of the ratfolk, was petitioned by some lesser magic using rat for help in stopping an evil summoning. The summoning requires 5 rows of 4 posts, the evil summoner is creating the posts at a predictable rate, and the ritual can only be sabotaged as the final post is created.
Solutions (and rest of the quest) below the cut.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Inner Sphere 3025 Map (in progress)

[Edit, 2019 Feb 28: bigger, cleaner version here. /Edit]

There's something appealing about the look of a thing that's been pieced together from obviously disparate parts into a precise and coherent whole. Will post a cleaner version eventually, of course. Need it for working out Fasanomics as well as the math behind BattleTech's starcharts.

For all the complaints I've heard about the maps not lining up with the coordinates, I'm surprised how few problems these ol' things actually have.

If you look close in the bottom right, you'll notice I have no yellow dots on one of the Davion maps. It's because I don't have a copy of the House Davion: the Federated Suns stellar coordinates. Two of the other Houses I got from the .pdfs which used to be available for free from the official BattleTech website, and the last two (the worst-scanned of them) I took from my own books.