Thursday, January 2, 2014

What Do I Play?

Two irregular campaigns, both on break for the holidays. Not sure if/when they'll resume.

One is a New World of Darkness mish-mash with the same 5-7 players meeting biweekly. We blunder into lots of little evil plots which we always (mistakenly) dismiss as unrelated and unimportant. This lead naturally to my Frankenstein and friend's Wolfman getting themselves killed just before Thanksgiving.

Necromancers are behind everything in that game so I need to optimize my next character for hunting necromancers. I know little of Mage: The Ascension Awakening and would welcome suggestions.

The other is fantasy adventures in a West End Games D6-derivative. (I designed my character for big parties and he feels flat with small ones; I didn't expect him to survive so long. I know what kind of character I want next, though, so I think I'll just start tacking those skills and persona onto him.) This group happens anytime any 4-9 of about 15 people are in town. We play weekly when we're lucky, quarterly when we're not, and whoever has a quest idea gets to run that day's game.

I'm not active on any RPG forums or social media sites, so instead of actually discussing RPG design, for the last few years I've been finding good blogs to read through from beginning to end. Anything interesting gets either paraphrased into a .txt file or bookmarked, depending on its length and complexity:
Jeff's Gameblog had ~1.98 irreducible posts per month
RPGPundit had ~1.73 irreducible posts per month
LotFP had ~1.23 irreducible posts per month
Zak S has ~8.71 irreducible posts per month (I'm only up to May 2010)
Those four happen to focus on old D&D, which I haven't played. I have tried D&D3.X; it's a bit too fiddly for me, and I tend to forget modifiers. BRP Cthulhu I've played even less but like much more (I'm very curious to see how Raiders of R'lyeh turns out).

What I'd really like is to run or play in a MechWarrior campaign. Problem is there's no good way to step the level of detail up or down during combat. So instead I might try running a game of TRANSFORMERS CTHULHU. I originally envisioned the players as humans and the robots as Lovecraftian horrors, but prospective players all want to play as the robots. I can work with that. It puts all the action on the same scale as MechWarrior while being more flexible.