Monday, March 28, 2016

Pathfinder Run #3: A Tale of Two Islands

The threat of invasion from an undersea army has loomed over our campaign since before I joined the group. However, as sometimes happens, the person who was running that plotline has gone on indefinite leave, and we haven't decided whether to wait or to have another DM take it over. (It's been long enough that we've averted a second unrelated war in the meantime.)

I ran my third scenario in December. Its main elements were a long-missing sorcerer, a maze, a warren of giant communist rabbits, and a phantasmagoric chameleon-dragon.

Friday, March 11, 2016

a work in progress (as viewed through Google services)

If Google loves images why is it so bad about displaying them? Let me show the different options:
Since these Google services don't import media from each other, I have to upload it three times, taking up three times the space on their server. (Google Picasa does share with Blogger, but Picasa is going away.)

As a precaution, I've also uploaded it to DeviantArt (here's a direct link which DA may or may not block).

The file is 1.2MB, so it might take a minute to load.

Of course, when I've completed my work on the document, I'll also post the actual text and spreadsheet files, which will be easier for people to read and use.