Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Apropos of Nothing

I have bunches of .txt files containing notes for writing an RPG, in the (increasingly hypothetical) event I should want to write an RPG. Those notes can be divided into certain broad categories. I wonder if the proportion of notes I have on each topic corresponds to the proportion of pages I would want an RPG book to devote to those topics. 

(Crunch week for me, so have some stream-of-consciousness.)

Let it be known henceforth: spreadsheets should open in a window whose height is equal to 1/SQRT(2) * display height; and the window's width should be 4/3rds of its height; and they should be centered. (Openoffice spreadsheets open covering my whole screen. Not maximized, mind you, just covering everything except the task bar. This is dumb! Like, how can anyone think this is the ideal size to open to.)

Caffeine seriously messes with my focus.

Aspirin makes things seem less urgent.

Small changes in my ability to breathe through my nose have a surprisingly large effect on my mood and productivity. Anti-histamines are a solid investment. 

I don't understand the existence of nightcaps as a thing. A shot of alcohol makes horizontalness, let alone sleepiness, less comfortable.

Of the hours I'm awake, hours which maximize direct, bright sunlight are the most productive. Paradoxically, of all the hours I could be awake, I am most productive when working at times I would normally be asleep.

Trying to work while sleepy is only 30% to 50% as effective as working while well-rested.

Staying up two days straight is a great way to make wonderful, distracting things seem less valuable; this makes tiresome but essential things more valuable by comparison. Unfortunately, staying up two days straight pretty well guarantees that the third day will be a total loss.

Taking a morning class opposite a late night class was a terrible idea. Taking multiple classes which are 95% needless lecture and 0% work-during-class was a doubly terrible idea.

Yesterday, I realized that the probability curve for "7 + (lower of 2d8) - (lower of 2d8)" (as seen in my prior post) is identical to having two players each roll "lower of 2d8" as an opposed roll.

Three days ago, I realized that A DOCTOR WHO TIME WAR RPG would be an awesome thing without the LEAST bit of need for rigorous backstory. It would also be a good way to develop my Transformers Cthulhu campaign tools.

A week ago I realized I may in fact never get to run my Transformers Cthulhu campaign.

A month ago I realized that I'm essentially using Blogspot as a glorified RSS reader. There's a fair chance I'll move it a step closer to Ultimate Plan this summer.

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