Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Looking for a New Sci-Fi Show

Rewatched the first season of Heroes, which was great fun, and I've finished watching Earth: Final Conflict. (Can't recommend it, but I will be mining it for Transformers/Resistance plots.) Also finished watching Fang of the Sun: Dougram (from which we get many BattleMechs and possibly some vehicles. It's pretty alright, as "real robot" war stories go). Finally read H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds.

Looking for another new-to-me sci-fi to watch now.

Was actually wishing I had another Whedon show to watch, completely forgetting that Agents of Shield existed and is coming back in September. (Incidentally, I'm very happy how the Marvel Movie-verse has no mutants. It makes these people rarer, and lends the setting a more distinct flavor.)(On the topic of upcoming shows: I'm expecting the How I Met Your Father woman to end up marrying Barney; mostly though I'm hoping for more Twin Peaks tie-ins.)

I'm currently keeping up with Extant, and I like the Pretender-like layered conspiracy it has, but I'm looking for something I can marathon. Tried Alphas but the pilot was disappointing. Not sure what to try next.


  1. If you haven't already caught these, otherwise ignore.

    Person of Interest - AI will rule the world pretending to be a crime thriller.
    Continuum - time travel dystopia.
    Orphan Black - don't clown around with clones.
    Fringe - X-Files meets alternate universe conspiracy.
    Warehouse 13 - light weight what if magic objects were being created.
    Grimm - supernatural monster of the week police procedural.
    Almost Human - cancelled after first season, so must be good ;-)

    Otherwise you need to let us know what you've been watching so we can be more specific.

  2. DId I really just use the royal we? Am I now talking about myself in the third person? The madness that is writing for a living.

  3. Royal we is fine, you're speaking on behalf of my many hypothetical non-Russian, non-robotic readers. :)
    Sorry for slow response--I've been afflicted with busywork the last couple days.

    Grimm - right on the nose! I've been keeping up with this as it airs.
    Almost Human - thanks for reminding me about this. The couple episodes I saw seemed good.
    Fringe - tried it, not for me. (Though I did like Alcatraz (time travel conspiracy, cancelled) well enough.)
    Orphan Black - heard good things about it, but it's still running, which will make it hard to marathon.

    I know Person of Interest has one of the guys from Lost, but otherwise I don't know much about it or Continuum & Warehouse 13. I might give them a shot when they're closer to cancellation.

    I keep up with Grimm and Castle as they air. I also watched watch Once Upon a Time, but I dropped out early in the Peter Pan arc. Alphas has actually turned out pretty good, despite the pilot, so I'm going to finish it off then move onto Almost Human.

    1. "Watched watch" = "used to watch."

      Lots of editing errors lately... Maybe I need to go back to reading actual books, and not just the internet.