Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Have a Mech: Eridani LAM

I wrote most of this last summer and then started picking at it again, off and on, after Christmas.

(Text version here.)

Where my Banshee LAM entry was all about how awesome the Banshee is, this Merlin entry  is more about the circumstances surrounding the Merlin.

It's longer than I'd like. Were I trying to fit it onto an actual published page, I'd probably have to trim some of the setup from the historical battles, and abbreviate the description of the -2X variant.

Edit, April 6: Someone pointed out that the Merlin was the construction example in BattleDroids too, not just 2nd Edition BattleTech. Half-ton jump jets and everything! Still a good fit for the Super Griffin, though. /Edit


  1. The image link doesn't work and the text file opening as gibberish for me. :(

    1. Whoops, forgot to "share" the image file. No idea how the text link got screwed up though.

      Both should be working now.

    2. Fun fact: hitting the "log out" button inside blogger didn't actually log me out, it just moved me to the public view of my page. And despite using the "log out" link on the public-facing page too, I'm still logged in.

  2. It's working now. My pre-3050 knowledge is practically non-existent, but I still enjoyed it. I never noticed the similarities between the Merlin and Marshall before, and I'm a guy who likes my TRO: 3060.

    Also, I wasn't aware of Johnny Cash references in the Jihald books.

    1. Yeah, a lot of stuff in BT is either obscure or requires luck to notice.

      Jihad Hotspots is subtle in setting up Johnny Cash references: the Black Watch's dropships were shot down during their rescue attempt, and the survivors are referred to as "The Ghosts of the Black Watch," which sets up (Ghost) Riders in the Sky; and Devlin Stone brings the Northwind Highlanders (who are known for playing bagpipes in battle) to liberate Dieron, which sets up The Man Comes Around.

      I changed those a little and added Highwayman and The Wanderer to suggest some things aren't as dead as Catalyst wrote them to be.