Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Fifty-Five Thousand

Last year I estimated that there were fifty-four thousand BattleMechs operating in and around the Inner Sphere in 3025. (I didn't account for certain nuances, like how many regiments might have two battalions instead of three, or the presence of independent battalions, or all the independent warriors on Solaris VII.) A few months later I estimated that the Successor States had 3566 DropShips assigned to their 387.44 'Mech regiments; at that ratio, 430 regiments would have 3960 DropShips.

Now here's a coincidence:
  • TR:3025 has fifty-five BattleMech entries, which means there are about 1000 BattleMechs for each BattleMech entry. 
  • The book also has four DropShips, which makes 1000 'Mech-hauling DropShips for each DropShip entry. 
  • We don't have any good figures for how many AeroSpace fighters exist, but 1000 per entry is certainly reasonable.
If the pattern holds, that would mean 1000 Land-Air 'Mechs for each LAM entry too.

The FWL builds 500+325 'Mechs and Aerospace Fighters per year. 3/70ths of that (3 LAM entries in TR:3025 vs 55+15 'Mech and Fighter entries) would come to a little over 35 LAMs per year, very close to what I estimated (36/year) from the FWL regimental descriptions. That's convenient. It also makes me think I should count LAM production separately from both 'Mech and Fighter production.

It doesn't help me with LAM production or Aerospace Fighter production for the other states, but it'll be a useful check for when I do.


  1. So with 55k Battlemechs total active and 500/year from the FWL alone, does that make the attrition values pretty high or is that what causes the buildup which defines the Invasion-Era Inner Sphere?

    1. Annual attrition is about 5% overall, or about 0.04% per 'Mech per fight (a little over half of which are 'Mech-vs-'Mech). I don't know how that compares with, say, the Gulf War or other modern combat.

      The buildup results partly from the quiet following the 4SW (balanced out by the devastation of the 4SW), and from improvements and new production lines added as the Helm Core was decoded. My impression is that attrition and production are in equilibrium in 3025, and probably for most of the 3SW overall.