Thursday, November 22, 2018

So You Want to Be King of Some God-Forsaken Space Rock (Bandit Kings part 4)

A simple kingdom generator that I'd like to eventually flesh out into generating full sci-fi and fantasy campaigns. Posting this draft version early because... well, I'd rather clean it up some (individual reroll buttons, formatting, grammar, better code, proper weight, proper attribution) first, but it's usable as-is. 
[Edit, Feb 14: you can now reroll sections without reloading the whole page. /Edit]
I fully expected Blogspot to make it extra rough to add javascript to a post, but kudos to them for keeping it surprisingly painless. (If your needs are simple, this guy makes it even easier - just put a list into his widget and it spits the code out!)

Random Kingdom below the cut.

If you are seeing this text,

then please,

enable javascript

so the generator will work.


  1. Pretty cool. Those days between locations are ground travel?

    1. For fantasy campaigns, yep, days of ground travel; BattleTech, nope, distance to zenith/nadir jump points.