Friday, June 14, 2019

Things You Might Find On My Character's Corpse

Ignoring any "normal" equipment and magic items you might expect and sticking to more interesting oddities which may be of some small use.

Artanis: my wood elf rogue (assassin) from our "wood elves uber alles" run of Storm King's Thunder.
  • Official seals, tax documents, and land ownership records for a small village protected by a motte-and-bailey and surrounded by a narrow river. 
  • A receipt from the Harpers which reads "give these idiots horses." 
  • A note containing mnemonically misspelled names of other people's gods and what to pray to them for. 
  • A clipping from a necrotically-charged tree, suitable for growing a new necrotically-charged tree. 
  • Poisonous gas carefully removed from a Kraken Cult trap. (Technically, I never actually got this - the GM said it would be too unbalancing.)
  • Package containing a set of fine clothes worth 750 gold, to go with another PC's fancy magic hat. 
  • Rhemorhaz venom, fangs, scales, and other bits.
  • Fireproof quiver.  
  • A small black lion totem. 
  • Tattoo of a coatl.
  • One of a linked trio of sending stones. 

BarnaBosa: my ratfolk sorceror (shadow bloodline) from the evil rat campaign. Class, quests and DM styles didn't often lend themselves to interesting gear.
  • Sword of truth. (Almost never used it.)
  • A glass glove, immune to fire and heat, fits perfectly and moves like it's alive. 
  • Cursed crown of the late emperor. 
  • A token made from his own hair, to be hidden in a convenient place in hopes of making it easier to scry or teleport there.

Montag: a simple fighter from my first Pathfinder campaign. He once carved a big "Montag was here" into the rocky prominence which marks the sole trailhead into the jungles near Red Rock, and he is the only one of his companions to avoid being magically branded with an evil seven-pointed star.
  • A green compass which points towards four elemental gems.
  • A necklace with four sockets, currently containing the earth gem and the fire gem. 
  • Partial map of a fifth temple at the top of the world. 
  • Purple Rose (non-magic); once per story arc, a target must save Will 17+ or be impressed into doing what the wearer wants. 
  • Gold Rose (non-magic); once per story arc, a benefactor covers the purchase of any single expendable good or temporary service.
  • Basketball sized chunk of crystal which can be refined into a powder which blocks scrying.
  • Miner's pick.  
  • Bottles of Aboleth gel.
  • Fang and magic scale from a giant snake. 
  • Holy Joe's copies of the runes which were trapping a powerful, evil treant.
  • Cigarillos. 
  • Bag of obsidian shards. (From a statue we violently de-animated, I think.)
  • Loincloth of endure elements + sustenance. 
  • Everburning torch.
  • Guild patch. 
  • Spare shirt. 

Andre: a giant Promethean (Frankenstein's monster) from a mixed World of Darkness game. (I've played vampires and mages with the same group, but none with interesting kit.)
  • Armored vest.
  • Fireproof suit.
  • Two electric chainsaws, no batteries. (He supplies his own electricity.)
  • Invitation to a weekly poker game with necromancers.
  • A sack of soulless barbie-sized dolls which used to be people. 

Kogut: a human time mage, and (I think) my final character in our old high school homebrew. Designed him to support other characters and occupy as little of the GM's time as possible in a nine (or maybe eleven?) player mini-series. Little things like not talking and being unable to kill anyone became a problem in normal-sized games.
  • Peculiar mask and jacket labelled with his name. 
  • Backpack with twenty-four protected potion slots and two tubes reaching to his mouth. (Other high-end characters used auto-injectors, but those could kill you with air bubbles.)
  • Ring which conceals his magic from all but the best-trained mages. 
  • Ring of Speak With Mouse.
  • Blue marble; might have worked like a pager. 
  • Woodcarving of a gopher with a pot of honey; glows in the presence of evil. 

Gerard Reginald Gerald: goblin paladin, and probably my second-to-last character in our old high school homebrew. Ate potions whole because chewing was faster than uncorking.
  • Necklace with a feather from the angel his heretical order imprisoned; small healing effect. 
  • A holy sword which can parry lightning bolts. 
  • Five fire bombs. 
  • Bag of peppermint sticks. [Next Day Edit: no, the peppermint sticks were my kobold rifleman's thing. Dunno where his sheet has gotten to. /Edit]

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