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Wednesday, June 8, 2022


Planet Stuff:

Podcasts Removed and Stashed Here:

BattleTech Blogs Removed & Stashed Here:
  • One World at a Time... - (inactive) former author
  • ScrapYard Armory - (inactive), and host of an online version of the old Succession Wars strategy game
  • Liberation Smithon - (thread) an HBS mission
  • My "History of BattleTech" chart [Edit: see next post /Edit] is way out of date. 

I really should find a better archive widget (middle right). Even a simple single page list like Grumpy Gamer uses would be an improvement. 

Also, that blog widget to the left "upgraded" itself to showing a maximum of ten entries at a time. I'm not able to revert it at present. 


  1. FWIW, The Beige and The Bold is wrapped. The movies would have been/will be folded into NDoS or The Trial of Katherine Janeway.

    The Radium Age collection looks interesting.

    1. Re: tBatB - noted, edited.

      Re: Radium Age - interpreting long-past media environments is a curious thing.


  2. Blessed compiler of statistics, know ye that ye do Blake's Work.

    For it was written, that which is put down in tables and made to walk the many branching circuits of Man's Machines, shall last forver, even unto the end of the universe.

    For lo, though server fail and data scatter, the thing cannot be made not to have been. It is a part of The Work, its ghost lives on inside the Great Work that Man has made.

    These are the Words of Blake, as paraphrased by those who endeavor to follow his path.

  3. posting density by datestamps, word count, hyperlink elements (and other formatting?), number of numbers, number of pics... - skiltao note to self