Wednesday, June 8, 2022


Planet Stuff:

Podcasts Removed and Stashed Here:

BattleTech Blogs Removed & Stashed Here:
  • One World at a Time... - (inactive) former author
  • ScrapYard Armory - (inactive), and host of an online version of the old Succession Wars strategy game
  • Liberation Smithon - (thread) an HBS mission
  • My "History of BattleTech" chart (on the right, not removed) is way out of date. 

I really should find a better archive widget (middle right). Even a simple single page list like Grumpy Gamer uses would be an improvement. 

Also, that blog widget to the left "upgraded" itself to showing a maximum of ten entries at a time. I'm not able to revert it at present. 


  1. FWIW, The Beige and The Bold is wrapped. The movies would have been/will be folded into NDoS or The Trial of Katherine Janeway.

    The Radium Age collection looks interesting.

    1. Re: tBatB - noted, edited.

      Re: Radium Age - interpreting long-past media environments is a curious thing.