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Pathfinder: our maps & reference sheets

Reference Sheets: I forget where I found these. They're kind of useful. Not ideal, but so far I haven't cared enough to improve on them.

My Character Sheet: Never got around to updating this. I'll be switching to a mage soon, though, so maybe I'll actually change it up a bit.

As I recall, armor can gain either a +1 enhancement bonus, or spell resistance 13.
Weapons get a (chosen randomly) +1 enhancement bonus, shocking(?), keen, or defending.
[Edit, Sep 7: They don't. Not since the MageHammers took over. /Edit]

And now, the Known World:

Naturally, exact scale and contents of any region may vary from DM to DM and from week to week. Inset and key below the cut.
This inset shows our local area, on the southeast coast. It matches the MS Paint world map above surprisingly well. (The "yellow," "red" etc arrows correspond to a special compass we have.)

1 & 2. Ruins of Fish, Ruins of Chips -Seaside towns destroyed by raids from an undersea army (the Zeraphin(sp?)). 4 days ride between them.

3. Red Rock -Walled city where (as in the jungle) arcane magic attracts monsters. Licensed mages wear stone hats, made of the same stone as the city, which prevents their spells from attracting monsters. 

4. Earth Temple & Mage’s tower -Looted & raided, respectively; 4 days ride west of Scarliosis (#5 below).

5. Scarleosis -Current home of our guild. Ruined by plague and the death/expulsion of all prior civic institutions. 4 days ride north of Fish (#1 above).

6. Mirror’s Edge / The Shards -Elven metropolis (Mirror's Edge) with dwarven metropolis (The Shards) underneath. 4(?) days' ride north of Scarliosis.

7. Forge of Adesh Kha -Ancient Dwarven forge and mines, formerly occupied by necromancer, undead dragon, et al, now occupied by dwarves lead by the Matron Carista MageHammer. She's feuding(?) with the Silversheen clan.

8. Marineford -Modest seaport protected by legendary guardian sea-dragon-spirit. 8-12 days ride west of Fish(#1), ~4 days(?) sail from Scarliosis(#5).

9. Catspaw -Small palisade village a week's ride north of Marineford, toward the plains west of Mirror's Edge; no direct road to Scarliosis. (Map shows it's location further south than I had it.) Main location of my Amazon Runaway quest.

10. Monkey Temple -Looted; partially constructed road nearby. 8 days ride east of Chips. (Location of a single-session dungeon I ran for this group way back when I first joined. Haven't posted it yet.)

11. Gringots -Casino town.

12. Waeldestone -Small mountain village; briefly site of werewolves.

13. Stratham -Asshole/militarily aggressive kingdom. Main location of my Rat King quest.

14. Garlinholme -???

15. Beckinsdale -???

16. Bromwin -Might be the town which hates/distrusts mages, and had walled off the mountain pass.

17. Medina -Agrabah, city of mystery, and also wealth and high magic. Difficult to leave because any camels or flying carpets you get there are enchanted to turn towards the city after a certain distance. 

18. Hercuel -???

19. Frederickville / Shantytown -???

20. Fire Temple -Looted.

#. Layover -Small town midway between Scarleosis (#5 above) and Mirror's Edge (#6 above). Former site of a temporary field hospital (dismantled when the dwarf forge was retaken), former site of a mid-level alchemist shop. Main location of my Spaceloop quest.

#. Drow city -Northeast of The Shards (#6) by 14+ days delving, or 4+ days by river. Contains the (enormous) "skull of god."

#. Coney Island -Small town on river a day or two south of Mirror's Edge; exports rabbit meat to The Shards (#6). One of the main locations in my Tale of Two Islands quest.

#. [I forget its name] -Small town east of Redrock, a day or half-day's ride from the edge of the Jungle. Last stop to pick up guides.

#. Xanadu -Strange human-only island a month's sail to the west. Their religion centers on the Seven Deadly Sins, as personified in seven animals.

#. Mount Agrinost -The northernmost peak of the main north-south mountain range. Has a hidden mine where dwarves sculpt easily-enchanted objects from the crystal walls. Main location of the Mountains Can't Kill Us quest

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