Thursday, November 17, 2016

Unaffiliated 'Mech Production (Part 4: ComStar)

First Look at ComStar

Due to the order weapons manufacturers appear in the HD:FS book, I suspect that Aldis Industries sells no more than 60 or 65 'Mechs and Aerospace fighters annually to Davion. For instance (counting a tank as half a 'Mech, which MW1e does when awarding XP), that could be 40 tanks, 20 'Mechs and 20 fighters. 

That might make Aldis bigger than Scarborough or the Exeter group, but is it enough to beat out the New Earth Trading Company and Ceres Metals for the title of "largest independent manufacturer of weapons in the Inner Sphere?"

Aldis should be selling to everyone, so only a portion would go to Davion - 110 / 385, if we go by regiments (110 / 402.33 including the major periphery states), or 35.67 / 88.5 if we go by mercenaries* (35.67 / 97.67, allowing for Capellan unchartered mercenaries). That would make total production something like 2.5x to 3.67x Davion's portion, or about fifty to seventy-five 'Mechs/yr.

It would be... aesthetically pleasing? ...if Aldis produced the Phoenix Hawk, Wolverine, Rifleman, Crusader and BattleMaster, since those are the five core types not produced in the periphery. I'm also tempted to assign the Chameleon and Longbow to Aldis, perhaps in place of the Phoenix Hawk and BattleMaster. As a neutral party, Aldis Industries makes a convenient supplier for these two 'Mechs, which don't otherwise seem to be produced anywhere in 3025.

*In a similar vein, how much a realm has to rely on mercenaries may be a good indicator for how easy it is for independent weapons manufacturers to operate in that realm.

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