Saturday, October 22, 2016

Abridging Devlin's Divide

I originally posted this somewhere else in February of last year.

my face were this what Catalyst's writers actually planned

Tucker Harwell: "Gentlemen, the future cannot influence the past, right? Wrong. We're going to prove that: lop-sided temporality. Today we're going to prove that we didn't just push a tachyon to its limits, we pushed ourselves to the limit. We did what he," Tucker points to Kael Pershaw's current body, "couldn't. This is our bridge, we built it, and he can't take that away from us."
Kael Pershaw: "He's quite simple for such an intelligent young man, isn't he?"
Fidelis: "He made your fiction real."
Kael Pershaw: "Your whole race will soon be fictional, along with all that other genetically inferior filth! My Jade Falcons, my army of the future, will rid our universe of you and your kind."
Devlin Stone: "That's it. An army. You're breeding an army to import from the future."
Devlin Stone: "Tucker! You've got to destroy the bridge! Destroy it!"
Tucker Harwell: "But we'll be the first ones, boss, we just got to see if we did it. Just for a millisecond. It's too important."
Devlin Stone: "Tucker! No!"
Tucker Harwell: "An elder sign... it worked!"

A figure drops through the aperture of the time bridge. It rises on a pair of long, skinny bird legs to its full one-and-a-half meter height, revealing a long, ovoid body with two huge eyes centered over a short beak. It shrieks an almost human shriek and leaps toward the gathered humans. The second one through the portal carries a pulse rifle, and opens fire. More follow.
Kael Pershaw: "No. IMPOSSIBLE!"
Tucker Harwell: "Blake's Blood, what have I done..."
Kael Pershaw: "No, no this is wrong. You're supposed to be--"
Tetatae: "--your superior race? WE ATE THEM."

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