Thursday, October 6, 2016

quick aside: pathfinder chargen (kvetching only)

I'm making a Level 14 Sorcerer, and there are too many spells to choose from.

I made an Oracle at Level 7 (sidekick to my fighter) and played him to Level 9, but he has a lot fewer spells, and I didn't even use half of them.

I picked a Sorcerer this time because I knew it would be hard and different and I want to see what changes I should make to my character sheet layout

But the spells aren't listed in a way that makes comparison and selection easy, anywhere - not in the corebook, not the PFSRD. [sentence edited for clarity]

Heck, I'd play a pregen list if I could find one.

If I gin up a superior spell listing, I'll post it. 


  1. No such thing as too many spells.

    Primary difference between spells and battlemech weaponry.

    1. Ehhhh... It's good to have options, sure, but "options" don't do me any good if I can't tell what they are.

      I only know what three or so spells do, yet I'm trying to pick thirty from a list of a hundred; and even once I have picked them (maybe at random), I'm unlikely to *learn* them any faster than one per session.