Saturday, October 1, 2016

BattleTech AU: Inner Sphere Turned Upside Down

[Edit: found my proper notes on this. /Edit]

A few years ago I struck on a number of ways to procedurally generate an alternate universe from existing BattleTech material. The second, and probably most playable, method was to flip the Clan Invasion to the "south" of the Inner Sphere and also flip all the events and major personalities.
  • If I remember the force listings from 20 Year Update rightly, an invasion from the "south" would have to plow through almost exactly the same number of 'Mech regiments as the "northern" invasion did.
  • Kristen Marik's girlfriend, Kali Liao, crashes her aerospace fighter into the Ilkhan's flagship!
  • Victor forbids Hohiro from dating Katherine!
  • Takashi Kurita sends the Genyosha and Ryuken to help defend New Avalon! Then dies of shame!
  • Yvonne betrothed to Ragnar Magnusson!
  • Word of Focht splits from ComStar and flees into Lyran space!
  • Kristen Marik becomes Khan of Clan Jade Falcon!
  • Peter Steiner Davion dies, replaced by Draconis double! Lyrans and FRR invade!
  • Thomas Marik's wife assassinated! FWL blames Draconis Combine, dissolves Concord of Kapteyn!
  • Word of Focht seizes Terra! ComStar moves headquarters into Capellan rump state!
  • Isis Marik taken bondsman!
  • FRR forms "trinity alliance" with Oberon Confederation and Greater Valkyrate!
  • ComStar Civil War erupts in Draconis Combine and Free Worlds League!
  • FRR conquers Alshain district!
  • The True Hanse Davion, aided by his Enthroned Double and many children, kicks off the Federated Commonwealth Jihad!
I suppose you could roll a d6 to determine where the Clans attack from- North, South, East, West, Terra outward, all directions inward; but invading from the "south" is most similar to the canon Invasion, and probably has the funniest character inversions.

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